Our Process


Step1: Discovery Phase & getting started

We want to understand your requirement and business flow.

To begin with, we want to learn about your company or business goals. We desire to be familiar with you a bit better. We will talk regarding what you desire your video to achieve, how long it wants to be and all those small particulars. Like it is for the promotion or demo purpose, etc. Requirements you want to include in the video? Such as how long it needs to be and all the little information.

You will complete a creative brief to give our team all the information we require to get started in the correct direction.

Step2: Scriptwriting

The backbone of the project is scripted.

Once we have got a good idea of the story for your video, we will work jointly to draft a script and refine it until it reads to the ideal length for the video. It is serious because the script forms the backbone of the video and explains your story in a concise and great way. Usually a 2 minute video is perfect for maintaining listener’s engagement. If it is too long, people will click somewhere else. Sometimes I create videos that are longer than 2 minutes and these tend to be instructive in nature.

The first 5 to 10 seconds of a video are when to hook your audience to make certain they keep watching. For example, rather than introducing your organization at the beginning with a logo and title, it is superior to start a video with a original scene or unexpected opening to catch a viewer’s attention.

Step3: Storyboard with Art& design

The storyboard is the strategic plan of your video.

After the script is created and got approval from your side. Your project will move into Storyboard phase. Storyboard will be a rough version of what your video will look like scene by scene. We will create the storyboard and you will able to see whole artwork and suggest any desired changes. We provide unlimited revisions.

Step4: voice-over recording

The voice-over adds friendly and magical touch.

A professional voice over can win the heart of your customers with different accents. We have over 25+ voice over experts. We can produce voice over in any language as per your requirement. You can choose from. If not, you can also provide your own voice-over.

Step 5: Animation

Animation put life into your video.
Now it is the fun part! We will finalize the illustration from your approved storyboard. Add color if needed, and put together with whole animation. Synchronies your video with voice-over very carefully. We will add some music option for you.

We will share the first revision of the video with you. So you can give us valuable feedback and suggestion for changes.

Step 6: Review and Revision

This is an additional step for our client satisfaction.
Most of the time our client satisfies with the first version of the video. But if you need any changes or suggestion in the video. You are most welcome. We will do a revision until our client will be satisfied with the video. After that we will wrap the project for you.

Step7: Final delivery

Your video ready to use on your website
When you let us know. You are 100% satisfied with our final video. We will send you a final invoice for the project fee. As soon as we will receive payment, we will share the download link of the video in your desired format (normally 1080 HD format).

We would gladly if you leave a testimonial and share our details with your friend, colleagues and anyone else we could work with in the future.