Why Choose US

Rap Whiteboard Video offers whiteboard animation and marketing videos with a very high quality for the success of your online business. We always strive to offer the best and innovative solution and as well as an honest advice at a quite reasonable price, here is a list of some of the top services that are being offered by us.

Authentic & Unique Artwork

Our main goal is to discover accurate and original artwork from the world’s talented emerging artists. Whether you want an explainer video for a TV commercial, tutorial, presentation or sales letter, we are always looking forward to and will provide you 100% authentic & unique artwork. In addition, to this, your business is also quite safe from every copyright issue.

Unlimited Revisions Guarantee

Your success is our satisfaction. Get unlimited revision without any hassle. No questions asked till you’re happy. Unless you specially request and want a change in your order. We always do a work in a manner where you feel that your whiteboard video project is always risk-free.

Fast Turnaround & Delivery

We understand the urgency of your business, so, we are always ready to provide you work as soon as you want. RAP WHITEBOARD Video offers three types of plan. Normally we will deliver video within 7 days. But if you have urgency you can go with our premium (3 day delivery) or Pro (1 day delivery) plan.

No hidden prices. No big surprises

Our prices are very affordable, and guaranteed. There is no surprise or hidden fees. Unlike our competitors, we believe in transparency and clarity. Unless you specially request and changes in your order.

Scientifically Designed Videos

We have more than 5 years of experience and we have trained person who works closely with neuroscientists to constantly refine the viewers learning and brain engagement process. So, we can easily create the videos that will always keep your audience perfectly glued to the screen.

Script Writing That Converts

You don’t have a script for your whiteboard video,? Don’t worry, we will provide you top notch scripts and copyright as our team has these top skills which we have gained by doing a top notch work again and again.

25+ Voice Talent Professionals

We have the best voice all over the talent in the world. Our professional voice team has more than 25+ voices that are trained to forward your message exactly as your viewer wants it.

Your Ideas are protected

Are you afraid about your project idea? Stop thinking about this. We are a reliable and trustworthy company that will always keep your ideas protected. With us, you can easily
save your all information by just signing on an NDA.

Dedicated Project Managers

The one of the great benefits that you will get while working with us that we have RELIABLE and DEVOTED management system that will always give you update within the stipulated deadlines.

Grow Your Audience

The whiteboard animations are one of the incredible explanatory machines and are quite equally and exactly awesome to use in a perfect order, to simply grow brand awareness and as well as brand love to your audience.

100% Satisfactions Guaranteed

We are passionate about offering high quality whiteboard video. And have the personality to create positive and beneficial working relationship. That’s why we offer you 100% satisfaction Guarantee.